Website Speed Test Checker Plus More

Website Speed Gives Competitive Edge

Fortunately for us the website hosting we use has a Website Speed Test Checker built into its hosting platform. We use Wealthy Affiliate. They use the worlds fastest servers which is a definite plus. but they also automatically has a built in tool that allows us to check the speed of any page on each site.

Benefits of WA Site Speed Feature

The WA Site Speed Tool provides so many benefits. Here are some of them.

✓ Much better website speed because caching is automatically6 provide. No additional plugins are required.
✓ Clearing cache requires no additional plugs because it is a button feature within the site speed tool.
✓ Two speed options are available per website : Accelerated or Extreme. Extreme is the fastest because it minifies Javascript and CSS.
✓ Much better engagement because their is not a wait for the site to appear when searched.
✓ Must lower bounce rate because speed is not an issue.

Site Plus Offers Site Speed Test Plus More

Bundled with the Site Speed feature are the following features.

✓ Site SSL (data encryption) passes the data over 256-bit Encrypted Connections. This is extreme protection for visitors personal data as well.
✓ Site Protect gives site protection at the server level to eliminate the need for additional plugins for each website. So spam never reaches the site level. Span is noted for slowing a website down. It also eliminates the need to go through span comments for each site.

We provide a video link for you to learn more about it.