Site Health Checker

Why Check Website Health

Knowing your site’s health is very important. Here’s why.

✓ Poor site healthy yields poor ranking in the search engines.
✓ It give you an explanation why your site traffic count may be low.
It gives direction as what to focus on next

Best Way To Check Website Health

Here is what our favorite website health checker will do.

✓ Checks publishing frequency. Search engines like an active publishing schedule of at least one per week.
✓ Shows Visitor engagement. The more visitor engagement, the more traffic and higher the website rank.
✓ Indicates Plugin usage and need for updates. Too many plugins slow down its speed. Speed is extremely important especially for mobile device users.
✓ Checks if site is ranked in Google.
✓ Indicates the quality of the content and variety published. Quality content is very importance for good ranking and low bounce rate.
✓ Shows the site’s trust level. The higher the quality of content and the more active visitors are, the higher the trust level.

Knowing the health of your website is extremely valuable. Having an automated tool to reflect the sites health status saves a lot of time.

Here is a link to our favorite go to Site Health Checker.